An Ice Sculpture of a company logo is a wonderful way to pair the grandeur of an ice sculpture with your recognizable logo. Corporate logo sculptures can be done in a few different ways and we do require artwork of the logo in either .jpeg or .pdf format sent to us digitally.

One technique is called “snow fill” and is done by duplicating the logo in a relief and leaving the support ice in the background which allows the logo to stand out. This method is especially popular with logos that contain words and special lettering.

Another technique is to reproduce the logo in color and insert it into the ice carving. The advantage to this method is that the color will never fade or disappear and thus stands out in the ice.

Another technique is to carve the freestanding logo where the sculpture will be carved to reflect your exact logo. Please note that not every company logo can be replicated with this method.

**Requirements for logos and artwork

* All logos and artwork should be e-mailed to us in .jpeg or .pdf format
* Must be clean and clear and NOT a scanned image.
* If you are sending artwork that is blurred, blown up, internet thumbnails or a scanned image it will be more labor intensive and will be reflected in the cost.